Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey, Poor Brother

So it's been quite some time since I've written anything. In my defense I had several drafts that I wished would suffice, but were in a sense laking in what I wanted to achieve with this blog. From my previous postings it was easy to see that I was moving through what we'll call a "transitional" phase in my life. I'm running through several serials of rather mundane and obnoxious incidents, each more terrible than the last.

But, as a check up on the situation lets look at what we're dealing with. Recently I've managed to keep a grand total of 3 dollars in my bank account for the past several pay periods. This, in essence, is the true incarnation of a surplus. Be that as it may though, I still make enough money that I can live my life in the hopes that sobriety only catches up with me in my sleep so I don't have to experience it.

So what is the reason for this recent update? Who knows to be honest. Whilst talking to random people, someone mentioned that they missed reading my blog. I found that odd since I had only written a handful of postings, but give, the customer is always right, unless I'm working. So here we are again, attempting to facilitate the necessity of me not going insane, and the small following I have to amuse themselves with my ramblings.

THAT PLACE has not really changed at all. I've gotten wind that we will be expecting an increase in usage because of another branches necessity for closure. So after being there for 6 months and finally getting a handle on the rather distressing and demented individuals I deal with on a daily basis, I've now found out, we're getting more. GREAT.

Personally, I've found myself reaching a new area of introspection. After a random outing with friends I found that I have what some might call an "abrasive" personality. While it's true that I tend to be very blunt and not always forthcoming in positive affirmations I find that always regaling someone with a lot of pointless puffery does nothing for that person. So I've made it a point to be how I know I am, blunt and honest. This will probably lead to an expedited extermination at that place I'm sure.