Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Color-coding Grief

I'm a big proponent of always moving forward and doing our best to help people. I support the fight for cancer, finding a stop to the spread of HIV, and creating an environment to which suicide doesn't seem a viable option. I believe that the groups that work towards this action are a noble and positive venture. What I don't honestly understand is this strange concept of adding color to causes. Yellow for the Armstrong foundation, Red for Aids Awareness, Pink for breast cancer, and now purple for stopping suicide caused by bullying and hate. This may seem an odd question, but why do we need to color code things that quite frankly are truly devastating and necessary to fight??? Are we as a people so inept that we are unable to follow these groups and actions without a carefully laid out mapping system devised in awareness months and going off the roy. g biv rainbow???

I'm not trying to be negative, I'm merely asking why it seems to me that causes work much like fashion, moving in and out of seasons. This seems like nothing more than a way to create administration costs rather than actually raising funds to help combat the fights. Would it not be better, if everyone simply put forth the effort to help their fellow man as best as they could???

Friday, October 15, 2010

Take a U-Turn

It's been quite some time since I've posted here, not something that I'm overly proud of. I have many reasons for this, none good mind you, but it's the obvious fact that I've been in a not so healthy place right now. Leaving one of the only places I felt genuinely happy, and now trying to readjust to my new environment. All in all I think I've handled the situation as best as I could, but recently, after some rather long and overdue contemplation, I'm beginning to wonder where I'm going? Why am I here? All very existential and selfish, but necessary thoughts. I don't honestly know if I have any answer, but I have inclinations and dreams that I wish to follow. The greatest is getting back to NYC and being in a place where I adequately feel secure and happy.

Now onto the matter at hand. No Profit at the Non-for-Profit started out as nothing more than a form of therapy so that I might be able to cope with living in a rather mundane and somewhat misdirection-al life goal I now realize I need to use this blog in a more constructive matter.

My concepts of a non-for-profit have slowly been evolving as I've been living in extremely frugal and banal means. What I've come to realize is that Life in itself should be treated as a non-for-profit. I'm not saying that I'm going to go all Walden and abandon my principles of society since as we all know Thoreau is nothing more than a pandering jackass who did nothing more than trying to found the first suburbs. Rather, it's time that I start addressing things that I feel need to be addressed. Politics, Social Change, LGBT issues, Government control, Economics. Things that I feel are very important to be discussed. Things that I feel I can offer insight into, if only people give the chance to hear me out.

So here it goes. No Profit at the Non-For-Profit now a blog about life in general. Following the principle that life is not a means into seeking wealth but personal fulfillment towards bettering that what we know and what we do.