Friday, October 15, 2010

Take a U-Turn

It's been quite some time since I've posted here, not something that I'm overly proud of. I have many reasons for this, none good mind you, but it's the obvious fact that I've been in a not so healthy place right now. Leaving one of the only places I felt genuinely happy, and now trying to readjust to my new environment. All in all I think I've handled the situation as best as I could, but recently, after some rather long and overdue contemplation, I'm beginning to wonder where I'm going? Why am I here? All very existential and selfish, but necessary thoughts. I don't honestly know if I have any answer, but I have inclinations and dreams that I wish to follow. The greatest is getting back to NYC and being in a place where I adequately feel secure and happy.

Now onto the matter at hand. No Profit at the Non-for-Profit started out as nothing more than a form of therapy so that I might be able to cope with living in a rather mundane and somewhat misdirection-al life goal I now realize I need to use this blog in a more constructive matter.

My concepts of a non-for-profit have slowly been evolving as I've been living in extremely frugal and banal means. What I've come to realize is that Life in itself should be treated as a non-for-profit. I'm not saying that I'm going to go all Walden and abandon my principles of society since as we all know Thoreau is nothing more than a pandering jackass who did nothing more than trying to found the first suburbs. Rather, it's time that I start addressing things that I feel need to be addressed. Politics, Social Change, LGBT issues, Government control, Economics. Things that I feel are very important to be discussed. Things that I feel I can offer insight into, if only people give the chance to hear me out.

So here it goes. No Profit at the Non-For-Profit now a blog about life in general. Following the principle that life is not a means into seeking wealth but personal fulfillment towards bettering that what we know and what we do.

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