Monday, April 12, 2010

Not so recent developments

Last week was rather hectic. For those of you who were aware, I was attempting to give up alcohol for 30 days. Only to fall rather quickly based on the fact that after a week and a half the stress of taxes, payments, and a code blue being called in at work, the only thing I can honestly say is that after all that bullshit I had to open one of the many bottles of wine on the shelf. I came to the realization that currently, my life is a bit too chaotic and crazy to not allow me the small luxury of being able to dull the pain down just a tiny bit. Call this problematic if you want, but honestly, right now, I deserve a vodka tonic when I get home.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out with my ex on a lunch date, we had a nice conversation, and it was rather mundane. I'm rather pleased to say, that while I miss what we had, I'm slowly beginning to miss him less and less. I hated saying that for the first couple of weeks, cause it made me feel like such a vagrant who only misses the connection rather than the person. But as many of my friends have said before, that's okay so long as you're able to deal. Relationships have a tendency to linger long past the person they were involved with. Rather than wanting them back, you just want that connection again.

I've started riding my bike again as well. Weather permitting, I'll usually be the one on the black Marin, zipping through traffic, flipping off kids in crossings zones, and telling that bastard in the Escalade that I'm actually allowed on the streets when I skip the red-light that he has to stop at. However, due to the geographic location, it's rather sad to admit that my bike travels will be somewhat infrequent and sparse, at least till the summer months officially hit. Till then, provided the weather is above 35 I'll be on my bike, once again probably late for work at THAT PLACE.

Just a few updates, nothing major or really new. Continue forward, towards the usual, debt, freedom and liver damage

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