Thursday, April 22, 2010

Representing Taxation

My issues with taxes are few and far between. I agree that as a privilege to live in a country one must pay reparations towards that nation. Granted, I wish that I had a greater say in what my money was spent on. At the end of every stupid tax form, should be a box that allows you to allocate the percentage usage of the taxes that you've been paying. Some might say that, this is done, through the use of litigation and political action by government officials. Well pardon my language, but what a load of bollocks.

I have no complaints about being taxed, but the brackets and procedures honestly mean nothing to me, since I can't get married, I don't want children, and I'm not rich. That however doesn't mean I don't want to take money away from schools and community development. I just want to be single in a nice neighborhood. Not single in the neighborhood with the crack-whore in one house, and the village drunk in the other. I've already got the drunk part covered. Deductions, tax breaks. Seriously, you can tell me how you have children and blah blah blah blah, and what not. It's a choice. That child should get the tax break, and it should be on a debit card with extreme restrictions on use. That means despite having the money you have to pay for rent, utilities, diapers, formula, and what not, and forgo that new knock off Gucci purse that goes with whatever Lane Bryant mistake you wanted to pair with it.

Political power delegating distribution of funds is also not usually something someone with no money wants to see. For the main fact that, as a poor individual, I can guarantee that I will never see that money come back to me in any form. Sure you could argue that in due time things will turn around and what not. But honestly, why would you believe that? The rich take political seats in order to keep themselves in power, while the rest of us have to linger. I almost want to join a tea party so that I can say how I am not being represented. Where is the gay friendly single white male gunning for government with barely enough money to cover his rent, food and alcohol budgets. Obviously I have but one choice.

So who's gonna support me for office? If not, who's gonna at least have a drink with me.

Just some after thoughts on all that tax time.

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