Saturday, July 17, 2010

Distancing Myself

I've come to a rather hasty, albeit as far as I can tell, necessary conclusion about myself. I pine for things, a lot of things. Most of which are sadly out of my grasp at the moment. Wanting to go back to NYC, wishing I wasn't at home, but most of all, to be frank. It's hard to look at your facebook page, notice you've been invited to roughly 12 different events, and then realize that you can't go to or do any of them due to geographic constraints. What makes it so hard being home is that, no matter what, geography is still a pertinent issue, as I don't really remember how to drive, nor do I like to.

As such I've found it necessary to distance myself from this oppressive reality that I seem to have fallen into to. I'm sure this sounds like a lot of griping and pointless whining. Do not be fooled, it is. Right now, where I am in my life, I can't keep looking back and regretting what I no longer have. I can't just take a quick gander, cause all I realize is that, right now, right now where I am, I'm not very happy.

In response to this feeling I've decided to stop using major forms of social networking. Mainly my facebook page. I find that trying to continue on with facebook at the moment is a rather unhealthy method of tethering me to the past. Rather than trying to grow and expound on myself as a person and writer. To this effect in exactly one week I will be shutting off my facebook page in an effort to help alleviate this longing and rather distressing feeling of regret. If you need to get in contact with me, I will have aim, twitter, as well as my blog or email. I ask that you if you wish to keep in contact you use the previously listed contact methods in order to keep in touch. Otherwise, I don't want to say goodbye, but in some ways, that is what this is.

Farewell to the void that is the internet. That swirling mass of knowledge and mayhem that has not served me so well in the past two weeks.

Minimum Wage Cavalier (No wage at the current moment though)

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