Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking a Turn, for Better or Worse

I've been contemplating about my blog as a whole. No Profit at the Non-for-Profit. To be honest, the title was possibly one of the greatest feats of creative thinking I've had in regards to giving something substance. For over six months, this was my way of tackling grievances and complications in my life. It served that purpose greatly. Recently though, I've found that writing about those things in my current environment are no longer as therapeutic as they once were. For a while I considered just dropping the blog all together, since I'm not currently working at any non-for-profit. Yet, reading the header made me realize that this is still a manner to which could be useful.

I've been going on on how much I was pleased with my public transport posting. Mainly because it was one of the few posts that wasn't about me directly, but rather a grievance I have that because of this, many people are affected. So with much thinking, I've decided to keep this blog going in that respect. Speaking more of ideals, rather than of me personally. My self-imposed narcism through this blog has reached it's conclusion. Granted it's also due to the lack of vodka, gin, whiskey, and any other creative juice that I was usually afflicted with while I wrote this blog about myself.

Starting today, this blog will no longer be directly about me, but rather about about where I think things went wrong, where things need improvement, and how bad ideas stay bad.

As a last update on my current narcissistic gamble, I've started work on a story, that I have no idea where it will go, but I foresee a lot of potential with this body of work, as such most of my creative juices will be channeled there, while my more expository and logical thinking will go towards this blog. Wish me luck in whichever way you choose, but to be honest, I would love a bottle of emergency gin to hide in my closet.

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