Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lets be civil with Civil Unions

I'm always coming out against Gay Marriage, for the obvious reason that what we are fighting for is, to be frank. Pointless. Marriage is nothing more a religious term, and in a personal opinion, it should never have taken on a political role at all. This country was built on, or at least it was constructed on the ideal of separation of church and state. As American, I actively believe in this ideal for the obvious reason, that when you have such a multitude of cultures and ideals mixing together you can't let the religions be the forefront of creation of laws and policies. This is not to say that religion has no place in government. Beliefs are powerful tools though, often used by the wrong powers for wrong deeds. The ideas of religion however, the striving to be better, creating a stable and reliable community, commandments about virtuosity, these ideas that seem to be at the base of all religions are what we should be using.

At the beginning I said I come out against gay marriage, and to be frank. I do. I believe that marriage is nothing but a principle created by Religions. This is not to say that it is not a good thing. But honestly, this is a fight that we can't win legitimately. We're forcing our own beliefs on another religion. Something that humanity seems bent on doing no matter what the costs. It is not the Churchs that we should be fighting, which is exactly what we are. Rather we need to fight for a change in what the government is doing. Civil Unions, same rights as a married couple,

To be honest, what we are fighting right now is not a fight for rights, but rather a linguistic battle with a group that is so set in their ways that trying to alter their vernacular now is something that we can't win. It's very much like the grandparent who still rattles off with racist colloquialisms, but we all smile and nod, because they are set in their ways and we understand that we can't change them.

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