Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Crazies on the Bus Don't Shut Up

I thought I'd try something different and just state the problem of taking public transportation when you know you're already better than half the people around you. I'm not saying I'm a good person, but I'm at least in a much more stable state of mind. Over the years of taking public transit I've found you really have three options, screw it and walk, suffer and take the bus, or find people who can help you out in your hour of need. Used all of those options, usually opting for number 1. So onto business.

1. Everything around you smells oddly of bitter dreams, cigarettes and MD 20/20. Either these smells have been trapped forever into the awful upholstry or something, but honestly this is a huge problem, when the very air you breath seems to have a funky flavor behind it. And you know for damn certain that it's not you.

2. Phone conversations are never just between two people. Recently I've learned that Quinisha has been getting cheated on by Brock, but that's okay, cause she's cheating on him with Laron. And Gwendolyne, quiet gwendolyne is doing naughty naughty things with the vibrate feature on her phone.

3. Children are screwed up because the only contact with other adults outside of their parents and teachers, are the nut-jobs on the bus. "High School huh, yeah I tried that for a while, wasn't for me." Yes taht was an actual statement. Not sure if he just left the penal colony or what, but they need him back.

4. Final reason I'm not meant for the bus, simple, potential doesn't need to swim with crap. I go on about how I've got all this potential all the time, but never do I feel more assured than taking public transportation. Those of us that rely on intellect, wit, and clarity need to understand one thing, the common man is both brass and pathetic. The reason that so many of them are in trouble is for the basic fact that if we're lucky we won't have to deal with them.

So naturally as I get off to go change into my uniform, I get to serve these weirdos as them come into THAT PLACE. Such is the irony of potential.

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