Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man that's Whack, Wack, Wac? I Don't Speak Urchin

Due in part to being in the north, stricken by lake effect snow, and terrible temperatures that honestly make me cry at the realization that I walk through this mess to get to work, I do feel a sudden connection to everyone else walking around me. This of course is quickly stamped out when I watch these people hovel across the slush and snow, we're all cold, we're all freezing, but you're the one keeping us that way.

In regards to the colder temperatures THAT PLACE has recently been "plagued" by a larger amount of guests and people wishing to use the facilities. This is of course fine since they pay for this privilege and I'm not about to stop them unless they follow the rules. What I am trying to stop is people trying to use THAT PLACE for free. Yes, that's right people, the public still wants a way to take advantage of a corporation that is there to help them. SHOCKER. I'm aware, but when you work for it, and on those rare occasions that you remember that you like your job, it's infuriating that think that some people honestly have no conscience about this action.

One instance would be when a couple of street urchins, decided to stroll right into the facility. Stating they were there to practice for their school. Now, being the model employee that I am, I made sure that this was correct since one, schools were out, and two they only practice in the fall. Naturally I inquired as to who they needed to talk to, and they spit out some name. John Jones, yes they actually said that name. And no any street urchins reading this, I am not going to fall for some asinine excuse like that. So regrettably I had to kick them out on a very VERY cold day.

But, the whole point of this rant, you may be wondering? It's simple, those delightful little children who probably ran home and complained about how awful we treated them started bitching and moaning. Man that's whack, or however you spell it. I was seriously taken aback at the audacity. And it's not just street urchins, but other people who try and use THAT PLACE for nothing. We already go through enough trouble offering grant assistance, which will be a subject of much grievance I assure you, so no it is not okay to use THAT PLACE for free.

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