Sunday, January 10, 2010

Opening sentiments.

Here in lies a tale, nothing overly dramatic, nothing overly funny. Just the word and thought of an individual working for a local non for profit organization and the random and sometimes ludicrous happenings that go on.

To start, I will not now, or ever directly mention the organizations name. I can tell you that it is a rather large organization that is focused on family values. Having multiple locations nationwide, and working at the front desk, I intend to vent my frustrations and grievances about my situation. No this does not mean I will be complaining about my company, nor the people that we service. Although they might be mentioned from time to time. Coworkers will be sparingly mentioned as a need for reference and nothing more.

Why am I doing this? Honestly it's for my own sanity. Having recently graduated from a "prestigious" University, and having my own grievances about the world realized. You quickly find that while a college degree is all fine and dandy, to be quiet honest, you're better off with toilet paper from the public library that you scribbled a few notes on. So in short, this is me finding a way to be creative with the fact that I'm working for just above minimum wage to keep the labor lawyers out of reach, with the only incentive being that while I have job security, I don't have fiscal flexibility.

How will I be doing this? Simple, I will write, theoretically people will read. In one years time, since I don't foresee any other prospects opening up any time soon for me, I will be describing, venting and planning for better implementations towards a company that ranks me, in terms of necessity and value as a chair or other piece of moveable furniture. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, shall we start?

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